Concrete Slab Brackets

Concrete Slab Brackets

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Channel Slab Pile Cap Assemblies

This assembly is used to raise the concrete slab using a screw lift system through the slab. It consists of screw lift slab pile assembly and helical pile.

(Order helical pile separately.)

  • Ultimate mechanical strength = 10,000 lbs (44kN)
  • Maximum working capacity = 5,000 lbs (22 kN)
  • Maximum lifting capacity = 7,500 lbs (33 kN)
  • CSP-Pile Shaft Size[*]

Standard Pile Sizes

  • CSP-SS125[*] (1-1/4″ square shaft)
  • CSP-SS1375[*] (1-3/8″ square shaft)
  • T150-0085 (1-1/2″ square shaft) Standard Finish is Hot Dip Galvanized
  • CSP-RS2875.165[*] (2-7/8″ dia x 0.165″ wall round shaft)
  • CSP-RS2875.262[*] (2-7/8″ dia x 0.262″ wall round shaft)

Example: CSP-SS125[G]

This is a screw lift slab pile cap assembly to be mounted on over a 1-1/4″ square helical pile. The assembly is supplied Hot Dip Galvanized.

(Order helical pile separately)

NOTE: Standard access hole: 6″-8″ dia for square shaft piles; 10″ dia for round shaft piles. Slab pile assemblies for access holes up to 12″ diameter available as Special Order.

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