Decorative & Architectural

Instant Foundations for Decorative and Architectural Lighting

  • No concrete
  • No hole digging
  • No weather delays
Preferred efficiency
  • Immediate pole mounting
  • Direct bolt-up and wiring
Simple installation
  • By backhoe or skid steer
  • Before landscaping
  • Through asphalt

CHANCE Instant Foundations
  • Install during all types of weather . . . foundations can be screwed down when temperatures are below freezing.
  • Foundation can be salvaged for reuse when lighting stan- dard is relocated merely by reversing foundation out of the ground.
  • Lower installed costs. In most locations, it requires 10 minutes with a two-man crew.
  • Easy to transport – weigh between 130 to 215 pounds.
  • Eliminates need for expensive anchor bolts – transformer base or lighting standard can be bolted direct to foundation base . . . no problem of misaligning anchor bolts.
  • Clean, no-excavation installation in residential and commercial areas.
  • One-trip convenience . . . in less than 10 minutes, the crew is ready to set the standard.
  • No requirement for leveling side slope of right-of-way.

Versus Poured-in-Place Foundations

  • Installation must be made during relatively dry periods and above-freezing temperatures.
  • Virtually no reuse possibility . . . often times the concrete foundation must be removed when lighting standard is relocated. (Also true of pre-cast units.)
  • Extensive excavations required – more than one craft required for forming, rebars, finishing, etc.
  • Poured-in-place foundations require several pieces of equipment.
  • Long anchor bolts could add $20 or more to each pole installation cost . . . anchor bolts can be set “wrong” requiring expensive repairs.
  • Excess dirt (spoils) must be hauled away . . . heavy con- crete trucks can mar lawns and parkways.
  • Several trips to the site are required to excavate, form, pour and then, after curing, set the standard.
  • Top of concrete foundation must be leveled on sloping right-of-way.

CHANCE Instant Foundations

  • Easy to transport . . . several foundations can be delivered to the job site.
  • Simplified storage – can be stored in same yard adjacent to light standards and bases, stacked in relatively compact area.
  • All-weather installation using typical construction equipment.

Versus Pre-Cast Foundations

  • Extremely heavy and bulky units. Must be carefully handled when loading and unloading.
  • Considerable storage space required for each individual pre-cast base.
  • In wet seasons, excavation can collapse before foundation is set in place.

CHANCE Instant Foundations

  • Greater overturning moment resistance.
  • Use same installing equipment that augers holes.
  • Higher production rate, pole attaches immediately.
  • Smaller crews.

Versus Direct-Buried Pole Bases

  • Low overturning moment resistance, prone to leaning.
  • Results vary widely with crew competence.
  • Require field inspection for adequate capacity.
  • Labor-intensive, time-consuming backfill compaction.

Click here to download the Instant Foundations for Decorative and Architectural Lighting data sheet with additional information.