Lighting Foundations

Product Benefits

  • Fast installation
  • Ease of installation in limited access areas
  • No excavation required
  • Immediate loading & wiring
  • No vibration
  • All weather installation
  • Minimum disturbance to site
  • On-site load test capability

Lighting Foundations

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. manufactures the CHANCE Instant Foundation®System to provide resistance to lateral loads and moment loads due to wind and other load conditions. The versatility and ease of construction of this system permits great flexibility in a number of applications. Typical uses for these products are foundations for equipment pads, foundation supports for signs, supports for light standards and decorative poles, and other eccentric load applications.


Our SELECT-A-BASE™ lighting base program can help you match the correct Lighting Base for different soils, wind loads, overturning moment and vertical loading. The software is free and easy to use on-line.

Recommend Factors of Safety for Design

The variability of soil conditions that may exist at a project site, plus the varied nature of loading on structures and how these loads are transferred through foundation elements, requires the consulting engineer and/or dealer/installing contractor to use an appropriate Factor of Safety (FS) in design for use with the CHANCE Instant Foundation System. Generally this Factor of Safety is a minimum of 2:1 on all permanent loading conditions.