Portable Anchor Installers for Small Foundations

2,500 ft.-lb. torque capacity hydraulic power drive

Economical manual operation and portability for remote sites, common anchor installations

For most shaft-driven guy anchors and smaller screw foundations, these compact drivers get into areas where large equipment cannot go or is impractical. Operator does not need to resist the torque generated by anchor installation. Countertorque transmits through a torque bar from the drive head to the earth or other restraint. This frees the operator for the task of guiding the anchor path.

Built-in bypass valve limits output to 2,500-ft.-lb. maximum, two-way foot pedal gives operator direct control over drive and reverse directions, hoses (two 12-ft. and two 25-ft.) come with quick couplers for all connections from power supply to foot control to drive head. Pivoting drive-head yoke connects with bent-arm pin to square-tubular torque bar which telescopes from 8 feet to 10 feet as needed.

See the CHANCE® Civil Construction Installing Tools for Screw Anchors and Piles catalog for ordering information.

Medium-duty installer requires 1550 psi at 8 gpm flow rate to deliver 2,500 ft.-lb. maximum torque.

Heavy-duty installer requires 1900 psi at 8 gpm flow rate to deliver 2,500 ft.-lb. maximum torque.